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AquaFusion Pro® 2024

Premium Hydrogen Water Bottle

Premium Hydrogen Water Bottle

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⚡Boost Energy Levels & Reduce Fatigue

🦴Promote Clear Skin & Strong Joints

💧Drink Better Water, Hydrate Quickly

🫀Enhance Heart, Gut, and Liver Health

🍃Speed Weight Loss, End Inflammation

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Premium Hydrogen Water Bottle

Premium Hydrogen Water Bottle

Regular price $49.95
Regular price $49.95 Sale price $119.99
SALE Sold out

Included Components

Water Bottle (Glass)
Base with built-in battery
USB Type-C Charging Cable
Instruction Manual



Brand Soothease
Capacity 14.2 Ounces (420 ml)
Special Feature: Chlorine Reduction
Product Dimensions 8.14"L x 2.75"W x 2.75"H


How it works?

Step 1. Fill up with water

Step 2. Press the start button

Step 3. Wait 3 minutes for the hydrogen production

Step 4. Drink the water 🙂

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Backed by research

Hydrogen water, with its anti-inflammatory properties, benefits 150+ diseases.

Increased Energy Levels

By reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, hydrogen water may help boost energy levels and combat fatigue.

Brain Health

Hydrogen water may protect against neurodegenerative diseases and boost mood and cognition.

Better Skin Health

Hydrogen water may improve skin health, reduce wrinkles, and promote youthfulness by lowering oxidative damage and inflammation.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Hydrogen water may reduce inflammation, linked to heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  


Can I use tap water with my hydrogen water bottle?

Absolutely! Your hydrogen water bottle is designed to work with tap water. The fantastic thing about it is that it comes equipped with a specialized filter that works its magic regardless of the water source. So, feel free to fill it up with tap water, and let the bottle do its job of generating molecular hydrogen and infusing it into your water for that refreshing boost!


How long does hydrogen water last in bottle?

Hydrogen water's longevity depends on its environment. When left in an open glass, around 50% of the hydrogen may remain after 5 to 8 hours, and within 10 to 15 hours, most, if not all, will dissipate into the air. However, if stored in an enclosed bottle or jug with no air inside, the hydrogen can last for up to 10 days, although there may be some gradual loss each day. So, for prolonged freshness, keeping your hydrogen water in a sealed container is your best bet.


What Kind of Water is Suitable?

AquaFusion Pro Bottle can utilize various water types including pure, mineral, spring, distilled, or tap water. It's engineered to infuse any of these water sources with hydrogen, ensuring enriched water every time.


Do the Filters Need to Be Replaced?

Our bottle features a permanent filter, so there's no need for any replacements. It's built to last a lifetime.


What's the Hydrogen Level?

AquaFusion Pro® achieves different hydrogen concentrations through its cycles: a 3-minute cycle reaches 1300ppb, and a 10-minute cycle ramps up to 3000ppb.


 Is the bottle battery-operated or rechargeable?

The AquaFusion Pro® it is rechargeable and comes with a rechargeable battery. A USB charging cable is included in the package.


How long does a full charge last?

On a full charge, the AquaFusion Pro® can operate for up to 100 times.


What Are the Specifications?

Water Capacity: 14.2 oz (420 ml)

PPM: 1.6 PPM

SPE Technology: Yes

H2 Inhale Cannula: No

Smart Cleaning: No

Material: Glass & Stainless Steel

Hydrogen Cycle Time: 3 min


Are there any age restrictions for using the product?

NO, is suitable for all ages. It's advised to supervise young users.


What is the warranty period for the bottle?

The product comes with a one-year Manufactory warranty from the date of purchase, covering any manufacturing defects.


How do I clean and maintain the bottle?

Before cleaning, make sure the plug is out of the socket and unit is off.

Wipe the device with a soft, slightly damp cloth and place it in a dry, clean place.

Keep the machine out of the reach of children.


What is the best hydrogen water to drink?

The Best Hydrogen Water Bottles of 2024

a. ionBottles
b. Aquafusion Pro
c. PIURIFY Hydrogenator Bottle
Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle